Our Motto

To help people and empower them with education, skills & health so that together we can learn and become a part of the progress of our great nation and the human race as a whole.

About H.E.L.P. Foundation

Regd. No. MUM 2043/2012 GBBSD
  • The world out there is not fair.
  • The brightest minds may be lost to lack of education.
  • The strongest may be laid low due to lack of access to healthcare.
  • There has to be someone to H.E.L.P. the poor, the wretched and the needy.

In 2011 a group of friends came together, driven by common desire and zeal to try and help those in the greatest needs. And in 2012, this desire crystallized with the registration of the group with the office of the Charity Commissioner.

With the help of well-wishers and supporters, we try to strengthen society to impact education by providing educational aid to the deserving students, organize health checkup camps for the poor and the elderly, provide help to the children in orphanages and also distribute blankets to the street children.

Help Foundation ensures 80G Tax Saving Certificate is issued for every donation received

Our Team

HELP was brainchild formed by a group of school buddies, who in 2012 felt it is time to give back to the society in whatever small way possible. Taking this forward, a core team was formed viz.

Bhavana Gupte

A commerce graduate and an entrepreneur with an experience of about 35 years of experience in bringing moments of cherishment into people’s life through her vision in printing and designing beautiful wedding cards and also customizing as per her clientele’s requirements is her forte. She has carved a niche for herself in the arena of her business. She is also actively involved in her CKP group apart from being a part of HELP.

Dr Milind Chincholkar

With a brilliant academic record, a Pathologist by profession is one of the backbone behind the rising of HELP. He calmly and dedicatedly brings forth ideas to be implemented supported by facts and figures. His acumen as to how we have to administrate HELP needs to be mentioned. He is also actively involved with the LIONS CLUB, Bhandup. A true asset to HELP.

Dhanshekhar Nadar

A Pharmacist by Profession and a thriving business of retailing medicines, reaches out to people from various walks of life. A hardcore health conscious gentleman, sets example to all around him and shares insight of taking care of self’s health. He is also holding office of the Mulund Chemists Association as a President and is a pillar of support to HELP.

Swarna Sridharan

A commerce graduate with about 25 years of experience in the Corporate world in the field of Marketing joined hand with HELP only with a view to help out to people in whatever small way possible. Her administrative skills and temperament keeps her going. She is also involved in various other activities in her regional circle. Her spiritual acumen keeps her grounded.

Ketan Shah
Committee Member

A well-known personnel in his field of business and has been continuously thriving to bring up HELP to the best of his ability. His contribution is large that words cannot match his deeds. He is an individual HELP looks upon at any juncture for assistance and in return he reciprocates very willingly. He is also involved in HiraMongi Book Bank activities for more than three decades, which gives us a fair idea of his dedication towards his work. He is also involved in a big way in the Karoke Club of Mulund honing his hobby. His wide networking skill is an advantage to HELP.

Jasmine Gandhi
Committee Member

Commercially inclined, she has set her foot in the field of Tours and Travels and is well connected internationally for more than 30 years. A name to reckon with in her field of operation. She is also very well associated with the Mulund Women’s Association and many such like associations. A very helpful and kind hearted person thus making difference in many people’s life.

Sameer Thakker
Committee Member

A man of few words. He only speaks through his deeds, A thriving businessman in the world of Chemicals is always shielding HELP in the true spirits. He just adapts so well to the situation and always goes with the flow. Such a down-to-earth person. A pillar of support to HELP.

Manish Kuvadia
Committee Member

A business man spreading out his distribution of medicine in Thane region. His association with HELP is an advantage, as his association in the said field has been of great advantage in the true spirit. All his goodwill spill over to HELP too. Still water runs deep holds true to him.

All the members of HELP with diversed interest are trying their best to contribute to the society. It’s their faith being with each other and supporting one another as a team keeps them climbing step by step.

You & H.E.L.P.

Together we will acquire the energy to become responsible citizens.
Together we will fill our hearts with strength and courage to acomplish all that we set our hearts upon.
Together we will work for the progress and betterment of our society.
Together we will cherish the humanity around us, in sickness, and in happiness and in sorrow.
Together we will work to create a strong and virtuous society.
Together we will fill our hearts with great joy, peace, happiness and spiritual values.
Together we will be partners in this satisfying journey of service to mankind.

H.E.L.P. for Education

One day all children to attain Education

H.E.L.P. works to deliver educational aid to deserving students from different schools such as Sharon English High School, Navbharat Nutan Vidyalaya, New Cambridge High School, Narvodaya Kannada Sangh, Oxford English High School, University Of Mumbai, Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Mulund Vidya Mandir. HELP foundation till now has helped more then 200 students to achieve there goals .

H.E.L.P. for Health

Building a better Tomorrow, Today

A General Health Checkup Camp for the needy was organized on Sunday, 23rd February 2014, at Mulund, with the team of Fortis Hospital in collaboration with Shree Brahmandeshwar Mahadev Bhakti Mandal.

H.E.L.P. conducts events such as

  • Medical camps were conducted along with Fortis hospital at Brahmandeshwar Mandir, Mulund Police station, Vikhroli Police station and at Mehul cinema and it benefitted more then 500 people.
  • Stress and anger management seminars and workshops
  • Gender sensitization seminars and workshops
  • Awareness programmes and seminars on different aspects of community living and civic sense


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Shop No. 1, Mehul Theatre Complex,
J. N. Road, Mulund (W)
Mumbai 400080.


+91 9371121000 / 9594121000

Registration No

MUM 2043/2012 GBBSD

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